Contact: Karen Worcester

Contact Number: 01306 731012

Email: karen@expatriatetax.co.uk


 “A UK-based tax practice which acts for UK, US and other expatriates resident in, or outside, the UK. Main areas of work include:
1. Tax And Social Security Planning Services: a) Individual UK and US income tax advice for UK, US and other expatriates; b) Advice regarding a prospective move to the UK, recent arrival in the UK, before departure and during absence from the UK, rental of property and sale of a residence; c) Advice for individuals and employers on appropriate social security contribution coverage when moving from the home country to prevent duplication of expense and ensure coverage; d) Advice on issues connected with residence and domicile for UK income tax purposes.
2. Tax and social security compliance services: a) Preparation of individual UK income tax returns, for multiple years if needed; b) Preparation of individual Federal and State income tax returns, for multiple years if needed; c) Correspondence with HM Revenue & Customs, including preparation of tax and social security forms for arrival in, and departure from, the UK; d) Correspondence with the Internal Revenue Service, State tax authorities and the Social Security Administration, including preparation of extensions, audits and problem resolution.
With London ‘Big Four’ firm experience and working with expatriates since 1980, we offer many of the specialised skills usually associated with a major international firm.
We are happy to meet with clients at our office. With clients worldwide, we have found that working with email, phone, post, fax and courier covers most issues well, so the location of our clients is no barrier to the level of service we provide. We welcome enquiries from other financial and professional firms working with expatriates. If our details interest you, please call or email for more information.”