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Goddards Accountants is an independent firm of highly experienced professional finance managers and accountants providing a fully comprehensive range of accountancy services. Our accountancy services provide a unique alternative to the expense of employing a full time professional finance manager, when really what you need is the flexibility to buy the expertise you need to support your business when you need it.

As your business continues to develop we can ensure, through our accountancy services, that your account and financial systems are up to the job, provide the means to meet your demand for Management Information and give you the strategic and financial management support you need in order to concentrate on other business issues.

We are a proactive firm offering a wide range of accountancy services which can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes: audit, accountancy, taxation, payroll, training and company formation, i.e. complete financial management for your business.

In addition we specialise in the provision of forensic accountancy services and expert witness services for the legal profession.
You choose the level of support that you need and we provide the skilled and experienced staff necessary to give you the highest quality accountancy services.