Why join?

Benefits of being a Mole Valley Chamber member

There are so many reasons to join the Chamber, from building your network to learning from experts to grow your business.

Why join the Mole Valley Chamber?

The Chamber is a place where our members connect, access support and come together to learn and network. Joining us can supercharge your business and help you reach your full potential.

Whether you want to get new business, collaborate, learn, or simply be part of the Mole Valley’s dynamic and vibrant business community then membership with us could be just for you.

Diverse community

One of the great things about the Mole Valley Chamber is the diversity of our businesses. Whether your business is creative or financial, a micro business or an international one, a charity or a for-profit, a start-up or established, the Chamber is here to help.

What can you do as a member?

  • Come to our events to grow your marketplace. Our events are a mix of in-person and virtual events. They include networking Breakfast Sessions and Slo-mo Networking, as well as affordable Bite-sized Learning, expert Q&As and many topical and special events.
  • Ask the Chamber team about accessing business support, help and advice to grow your business. Give us a call on 01372 371009 or email admin@molevalleychamber.co.uk.
  • Get introduced, either at our events, or online. We’re here to get to know you and your business and make sure you’re meeting the right people. Tell us who you want to meet.
  • Promote your business and improve your website SEO by featuring on our members’ directory.
  • Raise your profile by leading one of our popular workshops or contributing to our blog.
  • Share news and promote your events or offers through our website and newsletter.
  • Get your business noticed by sponsoring a Chamber event or series.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from members about the benefits they’ve found from being part of the Chamber’s business network and community, plus how to make the most of a membership with us.

How much is it?

Membership is for the entire business, so anyone in your team can come along to events and use the Chamber website to boost your business.

Small company, 1-10 employees: £86.00 per year
Medium company, 11-50 employees: £205.00 per year
Large company, 51+ employees: £270.00 per year

If you’re a registered charity you qualify for the membership price below.

Registered charity rates

1-10 employees: £51.00 per year
11-50 employees: £124.00 per year
51+ employees: £160.00 per year

Our membership prices are subject to an annual increase on 1 January.

January – Full year 10 or fewer £86.00 £51.00
11 to 50 £205.00 £124.00
51 or more £270.00 £160.00
February 10 or fewer £78.83 £46.75
11 to 50 £187.92 £113.67
51 or more £247.50 £146.67
March 10 or fewer £71.67 £42.50
11 to 50 £170.83 £103.33
51 or more £225.00 £133.33
April 10 or fewer £64.50 £38.25
11 to 50 £153.75 £93.00
51 or more £202.50 £120.00
May 10 or fewer £57.33 £34.00
11 to 50 £136.67 £82.67
51 or more £180.00 £106.67
June 10 or fewer £50.17 £29.75
11 to 50 £119.58 £72.33
51 or more £157.50 £93.33
July 10 or fewer £43.00 £25.50
11 to 50 £102.50 £62.00
51 or more £135.00 £80.00
August 10 or fewer £35.83 £21.25
11 to 50 £85.42 £51.67
51 or more £112.50 £66.67
September 10 or fewer £28.67 £17.00
11 to 50 £68.33 £41.33
51 or more £90.00 £53.33
October 10 or fewer £21.50 £12.75
11 to 50 £51.25 £31.00
51 or more £67.50 £40.00
November 10 or fewer £14.33 £8.50
11 to 50 £34.17 £20.67
51 or more £45.00 £26.67
December 10 or fewer £7.17 £4.25
11 to 50 £17.08 £10.33
51 or more £22.50 £13.33

Decided to join us?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Fill in the application form. Try to give as much information as you can with regards to your services, a write up, any social media handles etc. This will mean your member profile will be full of the information you want it to include.
  2. Find the current rate available to you from the table below. Look for the month of application and number of employees and submit a BACS payment for the relevant amount. Payments are to be made to: Leatherhead Chamber of Commerce, HSBC Bank PLC
    Account Number: 3 1 1 1 0 7 5 6, Sort Code Number: 40 — 27 — 07
  3. Make the most of your membership. Save our email addresses to your address book so they don’t go to spam and be sure to communicate information, offers, vacancies or any other information you wish to share.

We will notify you with confirmation of payment and set up of your member profile.

Please quote your business name to identify your payment.

Still undecided?

How can we help?

If there is any aspect of joining our Chambers that you would like further information on, we are more than happy to help. Contact us here with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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